Making ‘Cents’ of Health Foods: Avocado

Often, we walk pass the avocado section in the supermarket because it seems so expensive. But if we know, spending those extra cents will be beneficial to our health we would prefer spending the cents to keep our health. 

Daily Recommended Value

Among fruits and vegetables, avocado stand apart for the many ways it can support our health with healthy fats, protein, vitamins and mineral content. From 100 grams of avocado you get a quarter of the daily amount recommended. This unique vitamin helps build stronger bones, lower cholesterol, and assist in blood clotting. 

Nutrient Content

Avocado also supplies us with folate which may help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, prevent some kinds of cancer and may assist with anxiety, depression and sleep problems. With the vitamin C in avocado, your immune system will be greatly enhanced to fight off illnesses. The potassium in this fruit can assist in lowering blood pressure levels, needed for people with a heart problem history. It has also been shown to prevent kidney failure. 

Avocado’s monounsaturated fats can also boost our cardiovascular health, prevent inflammation and related infections. Also, with its supply of fiber, this fruit assists with weight control. Avocados also help with the absorption of antioxidants which helps us to keep infections and even cancer at bay. It also aids in.maintaining eye health. 

Additional Benefits

There are other benefits associated with consuming avocado daily, including keeping arthritis at bay, reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and reducing the side effects of chemotherapy. Also it’s a versatile fruit and can be prepared in many attractive ways.