Making ‘Cents’ of Health Foods: Grass-Fed Steak

When considering which foods to buy and why, a top priority should always be to think about the future. You should always think about ways to provide the best for your body so that its health is maintained throughout the years.  
One way to do this is to consider the use of organic products.  

Grass-Fed Steaks 

 Steaks are usually considered a food that is served on special occasions rather than a part of a weekly diet. Even though this is the case, we should always consider the impact this delicious food has on our bodies.  
Grass-fed steaks are a healthy form of steak that should be considered.  

You Are What You Eat 

What cattle graze or feed on dictates the nutritional value of the beef produced. Grass-fed cows graze on grass and while grain-fed cows are fed a diet that is not natural to them. Conventional grain-fed cows are also given growth hormones and antibiotics that can impact their nutritional values.  


Being fed an organic and balance diet, cows producing grass-fed steak offer fewer calories and more healthy sources of omega-3 fatty acids.  
Organic steak can also help reduce the risk of heart disease as the steak contains lower amounts of saturate fats. It can also potentially help fight off cancer since it contains a great nutrient called conjugated linoleic acid. 

Worth it? 

 Grass-fed steak can cost double the price of your average steak. However, in thinking of the future, this type of food is one to consider for a healthy diet.