Making ‘Cents’ of Health Foods: Organic Apples

When you are worried about the contamination from pesticides and other chemicals, you will want to buy organic apples. Apples are a delicious fruit that is easy to take with you to work or to school as a snack, but you can also use these fruits in many recipes. This variety of fruit offers several vitamins and minerals along with fiber that will satiate your appetite.  

Why Organic?

It is easy to buy organic apples today, and some stores offer organic produce at the same price as the other types of apples. Call your local supermarkets to determine if the businesses offer organic produce, but also, you should remember that you can find organic apples at local orchards or at farmers markets. You can find different varieties of apples that have red or green peels.  


In some cases, organic apples will cost more, but the price difference is usually low, and you will know that the fruit is safer to eat. When you are buying organic apples, you should understand that the produce will often spoil faster because the fruit won’t have any protective wax or preservatives.  

Organic Apple Storage

You should learn how to store the organic apples properly in a cool and dry location that is away from insects or rodents. If you buy a lot of organic apples, then you should learn how to freeze or can the fruit so that it remains edible. Dietitians recommend eating at least five servings of produce each day, so you should buy organic apples frequently.