Making ‘Cents’ of Health Foods: Organic Potatoes

When thinking of various organic health foods, you always want to consider what kind of health benefit you will receive from consuming different foods.  

Organic Potatoes 

 All around the globe, potatoes are found and commonly used as a staple in any dish or diet. They are very versatile, and many unique dishes can be made from this simple ingredient.  
When shopping for potatoes, you should highly consider finding and purchasing organic potatoes. These potatoes are typically more concentrated with minerals that are higher in vitamin C, iron, phosphorous, and even magnesium.  
Organic potatoes also provide important protection against cancer and cardiovascular disease as they contain significantly fewer heavy metals than their non-organic counter parts.  
Potatoes that are organic contain starch that is more easily digestible by the body and is high in fiber, low in calorie.  

Where and How Much? 

 The term “organic” has been commonly associated with high expense. However, because potatoes are such a staple food that can be grown locally and all over the world, you can find reasonably priced potatoes at high quality levels.  
Always be sure to check out your local farmers’ markets for locally sourced organic potatoes at the best prices. However, for the busier family or individual you can find them online and shipped directly to your house, again at little cost.  

Star or Side 

Potatoes that are clean of various pesticides and offer all of these wonderful benefits can be paired with any dish, as the star or the side. Additionally, this is one healthy food that you will hear and have no complaints about consuming.